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Working Group Meeting Report

6th Meeting of the Working Group on Criteria and Indicators for the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Temperate and Boreal Forests
Montréal Process

Santiago, Chile
February 3, 1995

  1. The "Santiago Declaration" (Statement) was adopted with its Annex (C&I).
  2. In relation to the Statement, Australia and Mexico will notify their final approval to the rest of the group. When this happens, the last paragraph mentioning them will be deleted.
  3. When we talk about the Document we are including the Santiago Declaration (Statement), and its Annex (C&I) for the time being. There is a working group led by the USA, working on the Appendix of the C&I. This appendix will be part of the Document when the results of the Working Group are sent to all the members countries for their consideration and approval. If there is no progress on this matter, the appendix will not be considered within the Document. Around February 17, the USA should send its report to the other countries.
  4. The text in English will be translated into Spanish by Chile, French by Canada, and to the other languages by their respective countries. As soon as the translations are ready they must be send to Canada.
  5. Canada will serve as a "liaison office" of the group.
  6. The Document should be published as soon as possible (hopefully before the CSD April meeting) in the existing translations at the moment (beginning of March?). For that purpose these translations should be send to Canada, which will take care of this job with the help of Russia, USA and Japan.
  7. FAO Ministerial Meeting:
    1. The Document will be presented by Chile to the FAO Ministerial Meeting. In order to do this, Chile will receive the advice of the delegates that will have participated in the previous FAO meeting (Canada, Japan, and USA, etc.).
    2. The Chilean Minister will introduce the Document in FAO, and then the distinct delegations may refer to this issue in their interventions.
  8. CSD Meeting:
    1. Chile should introduce this document by official note to the UNCSD Secretariat, some time before the meeting starts. In this note we should make reference to the figures related to boreal and temperate forests (the % that we represent and the % that these type of forests represent in the world total forest figures).
    2. Later, we must discuss our next steps regarding the CSD meeting in April. In this regard Chile will be helped by Canada.
    3. Canada is considering presenting a Seminar or Workshop related to the Montreal Process in the CSD.
    4. The booklet, if ready, should be distributed in the meeting.
    5. With regard to the Intersessional CSD Meeting of Feb/March, our countries may wish to make some references in there to the good results of the Montreal Process, noting that the official representation of the Document will take place on the FAO Meeting.
  9. Next steps of this Group:
    1. We have finished this phase of the process, and it was considered very important to continue with our work together.
    2. In relation to the possibility of extending the group to other countries with significant b and t forests, we could approach other South American countries, taking advantage of the fact that they were invited as observers to this meeting.
    3. Some references were made in relation to the need of more cooperation and harmonization work with the other existing initiatives.
    4. As a next step, we could consider the implementation of the C&I and its evaluation and interchange of information.